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Medical Services

  • Management of chronic diseases and acute illness

  • Annual executive physical examination

  • Unlimited office visits

  • Unlimited telemedicine visits

  • Direct physician cell phone access (business hours)

  • Weight loss program

  • Management of anxiety and depression

  • Counseling and lifestyle coaching

  • Tobacco and alcohol cessation

  • Tracking of disease screening according to USPSTF

  • Referral to and coordination with local specialists

  • Intramuscular injections

  • Nebulizer respiratory treatments

  • Urinary bladder catheterization

  • Form / Paperwork completion

Minor Office Surgery

  • Suture of lacerations

  • Foreign body removal

  • Incision and drainage of skin abscess

  • Ganglion cyst aspiration

  • Skin tag removal

  • Ingrown toenail treatment  

Office-Based Testing

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)

  • Spirometry / pulmonary function testing (PFT)

  • Urinalysis (dip-stick)

  • Urine pregnancy (up to 2 per year)

  • Rapid strep

  • Blood glucose

Services Not Provided

  • Emergency, after-hours, and hospital care

  • Recurrent prescriptions for controlled substances

  • Invasive procedures / biopsies

  • Cosmetic procedures

  • Home care

  • Labor and delivery


In-House Pharmacy

We operate an in-house pharmacy and dispense a variety of generic medications at very low prices.  We can also send prescriptions directly to your preferred local pharmacy, and can help you find the lowest prices possible.

In-House Laboratory 

As a patient of our practice, you'll enjoy incredible pricing on laboratory work, in-house phlebotomy, and fast results.  No insurance needed.  You may utilize your insurance at Quest or LabCorp patient service centers. 

Complete Blood Count
white blood cells
hemoglobin / hematocrit



Basic Metabolic Panel
BUN, creatinine (kidney function)



Complete Metabolic Panel
basic metabolic panel
liver function tests
calcium, total protein



Hemoglobin A1c



Cholesterol Panel



TSH (thyroid) with Reflex T4



PSA (prostate antigen)



Complete Urinalysis



Urine Culture



Our radiology partners provide high-quality medical imaging with amazing prices. The prices are not special to members, we just help them find the lowest cash prices. Prices subject to change.  If you prefer, you may use your insurance.




Ultrasound (non-vascular)

$90 - $150


3-D Screening Mammogram



CT scan without contrast



CT scan with contrast

$300 - $350


MRI without contrast

$187 - $243


MRI with contrast

$300 - $350


Cash price for the influenza vaccine is $16. All other vaccinations are referred to local pharmacies until our patient volume meets bulk purchasing requirements. Note to patients enrolled in Medicare:  Due to restrictions by CMS, we are not permitted to provide you with any vaccinations that are covered by Medicare.  We will help you find locations where you can receive your vaccination through your insurance.

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